Media Entities Announces RockMe Reader

Waltham, MA – Media Entities announces Apple iTunes approval of the RockMe reader. RockMe reader is a new platform for interactive eBooks with an unparalleled feature set. It is the first of a new class of enhanced readers, and significantly raises the standard in functional capability. It will be available for download to the iPad in mid-June.

The RockMe reader renders all types of books from basic and straightforward text and images to those requiring highly designed pages and complex layouts. It offers an intuitive user experience, image and video capability, and advanced functionality suitable for educational, legal, scientific, biblical, and corporate publishing.

CEO Dan Nigloschy enthused, “Excitement for our new reader has been outstanding; we are very pleased to be announcing the RockMe reader knowing how much the publishing market needs our platform for rendering complex material.” Dan Nigloschy continued, “We have tested the RockMe reader against very sophisticated requirements, including biblical and educational material, and based on that experience, defined the basic feature set of RockMe to meet the most challenging needs of publishers”.

Publisher-branded rich Apps with the white label RockMe platform

Equally important to the extensive feature set is the fact that publishers can now create their own branded bookstore and engaging interactive Book Apps at a much lower cost. Up to now creating high quality Apps was very costly, involving a long production cycle, and requiring highly skilled developers.

RockMe changes that equation. It is an affordable cost-effective solution capable of quickly producing beautifully designed, interactive Apps of the highest quality. It integrates familiar tools into the production process (Word and InDesign) thereby leveraging a publisher’s current investment in software and user training.

Publishers can brand their bookstores with their own design and user shopping experience.  Book buyers purchase and download book Apps from the publishers store accessed on iTunes. The RockMe platform supports encrypted content data to protect publishers intellectual property, and is ecommerce enabled for inApp purchases of books, upgrades, and additional content.

About Media Entities

Media Entities is a pioneering supplier of advanced xml publishing software used to efficiently produce digital and print media and provide a platform for digital eReaders. ME systems drive PDF for print, and electronic formats including eBooks, Apps, and web content.  Founded in 2002 to provide specialized xml transformation software to academic publishers, Media Entities quickly become a key player in a wider market for xml based publishing software.

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