Lloyds Lists steps into the future with XML Maestro

One of worlds oldest continuously-running journals transitions to InDesign and automates production with Media Entities

Lloyds Loading List, “The List”, is one of worlds oldest continuously-running journals, having provided weekly shipping news in London as early as 1734. Now a part of Informa Busines Publications, The List sought to move production away from a tired and flagging proprietary system to newer systems based on XML and InDesign.

For assistance and solutions, Informa turned to longtime partner Media Entities which had previously supplied XMLToolWorks for production of Informa’s pharmaceutical directories.

Media Entities proposed using XMLMaestro technology for XML handling, along with the powerful automated page engine capability of PageBuilder. Now installed, XML Maestro builds the weekly directory, complete with ads, and PageBuilder then constructs the more than 120 page directory in about one minute.

The system is driven with XML from a SQL database. This XML holds the listing information for each port and vessel as well as ads which need to be placed in proximity to the supplier or agent listings. An XML Maestro project includes templates, and style mappings, and all this data is sent to PageBuilder.

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