AAAS picks Media Entities XMLMaestro for Digital Publishing Engine

XML workflow automates Peer Review, Print, and Digital Publishing

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) has signed an agreement with Media Entities for developing an automated peer review and production publishing system.

The system, built using Media Entities XMLMaestro implements an xml workflow to automate production and distribution of peer review articles in PDF format. Peer review submissions in Word format are converted to XML using XMLMaestro Word-to-XML conversion.

The XML is both stored, and flowed into XMLMaestro PageBuilder, which automatically builds multipage layout files in InDesign using templates and libraries all automatically without  any operator intervention. PageBuilder then generates PDF files for Peer Review distribution.

When complete and accepted for inclusion in the weekly Science magazine the articles will integrate with the XMLMaestro production workflow system for both print and digital editons.

Using XMLMaestro accelerates production of peer review articles for distribution, with less operator interaction. The overall objectives are increased processing speed and timeliness of peer review and AAAS publishing systems. The system will result in increased speed of peer review distribution, reduced production costs, and reduced administration time.

The system is being installed over the course of this fall and winter.

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