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It's all about..."ME"

Founded in 2002 to provide specialized xml transformation software to academic publishers, Media Entities quickly become a key player in a wider market for xml based publishing software. XML ToolWorks pioneered a class of products integrating xml-based content with existing processes and applications. Now in version 5.0, XML ToolWorks continues to meet the exacting requirements of a broad spectrum of publishing clients.

Maestro Publishing Project Platform Announced

With the announcement of XML Maestro in 2009 Media Entities again advances innovation in publishing technology. XML Maestro is a new-generation publishing system designed and built from the ground-up to harness the power of xml for print and digital publishing.

The Team..... our biggest asset

ME software engineers are a diverse group but share a common passion for publishing. They work on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms with Visual C++, VB, ASP, XQuery, SQL, Java, JavaScript and Flex-AIR, and considerable publishing software experience. We maintain developer agreements with Adobe, Microsoft and Quark and are a Mark Logic Technology Partner.

Beyond software solutions, Media Entities provides a full range of creative and production services. Our team blends a mix of savvy, wise, and combat-tested production staff working hand-in-hand with some of the best and brightest creative minds from the finest design schools in the country.

Media Entities was founded and is led by Bruce Kulik and Dan Nigloschy, experienced entrepreneurs with successful track records in building companies dedicated to developing and delivering publishing technology.